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Belize, Guat and OAS Running Out of Time and Money

The last we reported on the referendum slated to take place in both Belize and Guatemala was that Guatemala would be holding its referendum in September 2017.  Belize’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington says that there has been no official announcement from Guatemala and until then, they will carry on with our referendum process as millions of dollars are on the line as it relates to the OAS’ involvement.


“Whenever we would get something coming out of Guatemala generally we don’t rely 100% on that because the history of the country has shown that you can’t place reliance on what they say. We never really got it officially that it is going to be in September, in any event we got it unofficially. We have had no official confirmation of that but given the unstable situation that exists in Guatemala we have it in the back of our minds that it may not happen. None the less we continue with our education campaign, we are not saying that it will happen September they have not told us that officially given their past performance we know that anything can happen but none the less  we think it’s it in our interest to get to the ICJ as quickly as possible at least to get it through our process and to that extent we will continue to educate our people. The Prime Minister has indicated in concurrence with the opposition that we want to do re registration before we do the referendum. It’s very important that we do the referendum because financing for the adjacency zone is really tenuous now, the Europeans said they are going to disperse but we have very little to go on and without their assistance it’s going to be very difficult and they have told us very clearly that they don’t intend to continue to finance that thing indefinitely we have got to get this matter resolved otherwise they are going to pull out and we cannot afford for that to happen.”

The countries and the OAS had made an appeal to members of the Group of Friends for funding in a summit held in Istanbul, Turkey back in May 2016.