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Belize and Guatemala Foreign Ministers meet at OAS Adjacency Zone Office

The May 8 referendum results have placed the Belize on a path that will lead to a legal wrangle with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for final resolution. But before the legal fireworks take place, today a cordial meeting was held between the foreign ministers of both countries at the Organization of American States Office at the Adjacency Zone between Benque and Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala.  Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington informed Sandra Jovel Polanco, Guatemala’s Foreign Affairs minister that phenomenal progress was made when Belizeans voted ‘yes’ to take the border dispute to the ICJ. In response to the news, Jovel formally congratulated Belize on the successful referendum. The real work has just begun for both countries and both ministers agreed to brief the members of the OAS next month in Washington D.C. as well as make arrangements to apprise the Group of Friends of the Belize-Guatemala process including the next steps to bring the claim before the ICJ.  Also, present at the meeting were Ambassador Assad Shoman as Agent and Co-Agent Ambassador Alexis Rosado while Attorney Eamon Courtney and Attorney Leslie Mendez, who are also a part of the Belize’s Commission to the Hague, were absent from today’s meeting.