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Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission meets

The Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission met on May 9 under the auspices of the Organization of American States, OAS, in Guatemala City. Among the matters discussed was the defining of roadmap for the initial implementation of four of the 13 Bilateral Agreements between Belize and Guatemala. These include the Movement of Students, the Protection of the Environment, Tourism, and the Operating Hours of Terrestrial Entry Points. It was agreed that both countries will hold respective technical meetings prior to the next meeting of the Joint Commission which will be held during the last week of this month. Another matter addressed were the mechanisms for the establishment of a High-Level Group of Security Forces, GANSEF, in both countries as part of the strengthening of existing Confidence Building Measures. Representatives of both countries and those of the OAS expressed willingness to seek financial cooperation for the operation for the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone within the framework of the Donor Groups and the next General Assembly of the OAS. The meeting was headed by the Commissioners of both countries, the Ambassador of Belize in Guatemala Alexis Rosado, the Ambassador of Guatemala in Belize Georges de La Roche; and Special Representative of the Secretary General of the OAS for the Belize-Guatemala affairs, Manuel Washington Abdala.