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Belize Guatemala relations returning to normalcy says Belize Foreign Minister


Two years after former Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize Manuel Estuardo Roldan Barillas returned to his country, Guatemala appointed a new Ambassador to Belize. As we have reported, he is His Excellency Georges de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal who presented his credentials to the Governor General Colville Young earlier this week. Today, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington spoke on his appointment and had nothing but praises for the new diplomat.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“He is no stranger to Belize, as a matter of fact he has been visiting Belize from his childhood days. They have relatives in St. George’s Caye. His childhood days, he used to spend his holidays there and he also has connection with the Geggs through marriage alike. But also he told me that his grandfather, if not his great grandfather, then his grandfather actually started Brodies Store so he personally has a lot of connection with Belize. He is also well connected with the British, some members of his family are actually British and may well have been British diplomats too. He’s an accomplished diplomat.”

According to the Foreign Minister, the arrival of the new Guatemalan Ambassador signals the return to normalization of relations between both countries.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“The Foreign Minister as well is very desirous of coming to Belize. She wants to see what the adjacency zone is like, the OAS office, she wants to come and visit and you see the arrival of the ambassador on time seems to give substance to the musings that we have been making loudly. So the entire intention is very serious. Guatemala seems to be resolved to deal with this issue of the claim at the ICJ and they have been putting their money where their mouth is. They’ve been spending lots of money to get the Referendum done and they’re doing all the right things in that regard. It’s only now for us to do the same and we are working on it acidulously.”