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Belize Has Representation at Cultural Luncheon in the US

Belize is having representation at a fundraising mission in Pennsylvania, New York, USA.  The mission, dubbed, A Cultural Luncheon, is featuring the cultures of both Belize and El Salvador, with special emphasis on food.  Gaspari Cordova, who is in the United States on the Humphrey Fellowship Program via the US Embassy in Belize, is at the helm of preparing the food dishes on behalf of Belize.


“The Cultural Luncheon is held through Global Connection, a nonprofit organization that is based here at Penn State in Pennsylvania and they usually work along with the Hubert Humphrey Program, the program I am involved with and they  had asked if we could volunteer in some sort of way and the cultural luncheon was one of the ways in which I chose to help participate in.”

The fundraising is being organized by Global Connections with the proceeds allotted for community service events and activities as explained by Cordova.


“Basically what Global Connection does is that they fund raise to help students with scholarships.  They also help migrant families that come into the area by providing them with people who could give them classes to learn English as a second language and other activities like buying gifts to distribute during the Christmas time to children that live in the State College area that the university is located in.”

Cordova and his counterpart from El Salvador will be catering to about one hundred and twenty five persons. Global Connections is non-profit and is affiliated with the Pennsylvania State University and the United Way of Centre County.  They have been in existence for over fifty years with the mission to bring people together from diverse origins with the aim of fostering intercultural community and understanding, among other things.