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Belize Healthcare’s Dialysis Unit internationally certified

Dialysis treatment is a life saviour for those who are suffering from kidney failure. Belize Healthcare Partners Limited is one of the few medical institution which provides this treatment and now the dialysis unit at Belize Healthcare Partners Limited is the only unit which is now internationally certified. As a part of the requirement for the certification of the dialysis unit, the nurses who work in unit, took a training at the Miguel Rosado Dialysis Center in Veracruz, Mexico. This morning Belize Healthcare Partners Limited held a short ceremony to celebrate their accomplishment.  Love news was there and spoke with Nurse Ingrid Gomez, the Unit Manager, for the Dialysis Unit about the hospital’s accomplishment.

Nurse Ingrid Gomez:It was ERU  which is in English Emergency Response Team in Hemodialysis which is specified directly for Hemodialysis and that was done in Mexico City: The first session was one week and then the following session was another week in Vera Cruz and  that included also a congress that we had to attend for one week. The Certification program required that 90% of the staff working in the unit has to pass the examination so that the unit can be certified internationally. I had to be there for a week and after I also had to make plans for the following plans for the staff to complete the examination and after passing the examination with above 90% then we were granted the opportunity to be recognized internationally.”

Gomez said that the hospital now have in place policies which are guided by the Mexican Nephrology Association.