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Belize High School hosts open day

The Belize High School hosted its first Open Day in 2018 today. More than five hundred students and other invited guests stopped by to see the different types of products and services engineered by the students. Our news team did the same and we spoke to Principal Jamie Usher.


“Part of our special offerings is a lot of the hands on opportunities that they have so almost every element has the students actually engaging in the activity. So it’s not so much talking about it or watching a video, its actually doing it. So if we show a video it’s student made, if you eat a product students made it, if you buy a product students made it so that’s kind of what we are excited to share with the Belizean public. We have everything from digital media to animation videos to holograms to coding to Raspberry Pie Robots to Raspberry Pie Gaming. At the end of the day it is never too early to start doing. You really have to do and get that experience as early as possible because the modern world isn’t waiting for anyone and so we really pride ourselves in offering our students a chance to get real time and real world application to all of these wonderful opportunities.”

The open day concluded this afternoon.