Belize High School’s Legal Counsel Audrey Matura Responds to Senior Counsel Dean Barrow Over Termination Dispute

Belize High School’s Legal Counsel Audrey Matura Responds to Senior Counsel Dean Barrow Over Termination Dispute

Belize High School’s legal counsel, Audrey Matura, has responded to Senior Counsel Dean Barrow regarding the termination of his client, Jamie Lee Chanona.  According to Matura, the school does not feel that Chanona is entitled to any additional compensation, nor do they feel that she was dismissed unfairly.  Matura noted in the letter dated, February 22, that the school acted fairly by invoking Section 37 of the Labour Act which says that an employer can terminate a worker without giving any justification or reason.  Additionally, Matura instructed Barrow that he is to respond to the school within seven days, indicating to them his basis of wrongful termination, and the amount that he would be claiming for his client.  It is unclear why this particular request is being made, when the letter indicates that the school is upholding its decisions.  What has made this case even more interesting is that Matura has taken the matter even further by going on social media, hosting a 90-minute live session, and ventilating her personal views on Chanona’s seeming entitlement.  In her rant, Matura indicated that there were points where the messages she had sent to Chanona had gotten too personal, and said that she was taken aback when the entire situation was aired on the local news.  Even more interesting was Matura’s exhibits of emails and text messages exchanged between her and Chanona, somewhat tantamount to having a court hearing in the public domain.  Here is a snippet of her session on social media.

Audrey Matura, Attorney: “I wrote that text and I said seven. I had chosen not to get involved to avoid conflict and drama and the very thing going on now which came to my doorsteps. When you sent me your letter of termination I could not answer immediately because apart from being busy with my work my experience as a professional and adult told me that there is so much more to this as ten of twelve board members could not all be crazy and irrational. Also you claim – no I won’t read this part, that’s too personal. Anyway I kept writing. And I want you all to know I never aspired to be on the board. I don’t want to be on the board. Hats off to anybody who has served on the board I see it’s a lot of work. But I asked myself how come I had to endure attacks all weekend ? Why a clip that was not given in context was put on the news ? I can categorically tell you the matter is being politized. It was an internal matter. It’s a private company. It’s managed by a board. The articles of association is weak, some parents brought that up there but some attorneys have sat on the board for eons and never changed it. One attorney says it says here the board can hire but it says it can’t fire well then who will fire me ? It’s just, it just blew my mind. I couldn’t believe I was a twilight zone. Anyway. I hope all those who were at the meeting are listening. I could go call the minister and tell everybody I am live on Facebook that’s okay, I could defend myself. I never thought this would blow up like it did. It’s just crazy. So I’ve said my side of the story. I’ve said my side and I’ll say this one time. If anybody comes on my Facebook and thinks they will insult me there I will delete your comment, I will block you and I will say this too if anybody thinks they will interfere with my child they have a fucking lesson to learn, that shit aint happening.”

Love News understands from several bondholders, who were at a meeting last week that the majority had agreed to ask Senior Counsel Barrow for an extension so that the matter could have been further ventilated in the school’s AGM scheduled for Wednesday.  We further understand that some parents are upset that the school board acted contrary to what was agreed to in last week’s meeting.  The upset is very much real as those parents are reportedly looking to sue the school for what they are calling, a breach of fiduciary duties.  Our newsroom will keep following this story.

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