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Belize honors World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

As World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is celebrated internationally on October thirteenth of this year, the Belize Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation commemorates the day by sharing with Love News what the non-profit organization is all about and how prosperous the foundation has become due the the love, compassion and humility that it’s volunteers have for the job. Janet Cutkelvin Anderson, who is the executive director explains the initiative.

Janet CutKelvin Anderson Executive Director: “The hospice and quality care we give at home is a holistic care, it includes physical, spiritual, psychological. We give physical therapy and psychological care socially in the homes and we give medical attention. All of them are volunteers, we are passionate about taking care of the sick, the ones that cannot help themselves. We are passionate about the elderlies and most of all we are passionate about our cancer patient here in Belize. We want to make sure that every single person affected in this world with a long term illness whether it is HIV, some kind of chronic disease cancer, whatever it may be. We want to make sure that they are getting the treatment and all the resources that they need in their own homes and we are talking about Belize in their own homes so that they don’t have to go anywhere. Our volunteers don’t get paid but we provide a service suitable for a king in my opinion and we are sustained by donors and we are appealing to all donors, to all Belizean people that have some kind of care in their heart, if they could just volunteer their time, their money, there any kind of resources, we will appreciate it.”

Volunteer nurse, Catherine Flowers, also shared her experiences while working at the Hospice and Palliative care and how effective it is in treating the elderly who are sick.

Catherine Flowers Volunteer: “I am volunteering here as long as it was opened. We started like 5 of us under Dr. Thompson to provide care for the sick and the suffering. That’s why we come in as a volunteer you see so that’s why we continue to help people. I am the one as the volunteer, the nurse that goes out. I go out and take care of the patient like giving them a bath, do dressing or whatever they has to make the comfortable. For instance I had my husband just recently passed, he was sick for over 10 years from this same clinic provided that he get taken care from this clinic so I had him home for a long time and he refuses to go to the hospital so as I encourage all people and seniors with their loved ones. If they have a nice home and a good environment they can keep their love ones home and take care of them until such time. That is what palliative care is all about.”

The theme for this year’s World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is BECAUSE I MATTER.