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Belize Hosts CODICADER Games for the First Time

This morning delegations from Nicaragua and Honduras arrived in Belize for the Central American Council of Sports & Recreation (CODICADER) games. The games this year is a historic moment for Belize since it is the first time the country is hosting the regional games. The team from El Salvador is also in the country as they arrived by bus. Director of the National Sports Council, Ritchel Dominguez spoke about the schedule prepared for the games.


“We have a schedule that games will be playing from 9am to 2pm in each and every district there is a discipline. In Orange Walk it will be volleyball, in San Ignacio it will be basketball, Belmopan football and table tennis in Belize. So tomorrow the games start so everyone has to be in country by this evening.”

Yesterday Dominguez commented on the fact that Guatemala boycotting the games, has not affected their plans or schedules since they were informed some two months ago. Costa Rica is only sending one team instead of four. Dominguez spoke on that issue.


“Costa Rica has not pulled out. What has happened is that their school time is not like ours so what happened is that they have not formulated their teams, they sent a volleyball team but they did not send a table tennis because their competition is not over yet. They did not send a football team because their competition is not over yet so the competitions that are not finished in their country they haven’t a representative because they have no team to represent them this year.”

The grand opening of the games takes place tomorrow evening at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City at 5.