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Belize International Film Festival promises to be spectacular

The Belize International Film Festival has become an annual event. Suzette Zayden, Director of the Belize International Film Festival, said that this year’s film festival will highlight some of the trials people are faced with on a daily basis.

Suzzette Zaden Director of Belize International Film Festival: “The festival has developed over time and we are starting to see that we get a lot of films that have social impact. There is a lot issues happening in our region that can affect us and by region I mean Central America and the Caribbean as well as perhaps the Southern part of Mexico which is where circulate it and there are things, poverty is there, homelessness is there. There is the fear that the social security fund might go, what will happen?, there is fear of not being safe and then there is joy in the simple things of playing music, of falling in love, all the different human emotions that  we go through and this year what we did was we separate several categories and we created the human condition and this category speaks to all the stuff that makes us human: joy, happiness, struggling to succeed, aspirations, dealing with birth, dealing with mortality, all those issues that affect us and so we chose about eight films for that category which we will put up on the website fairly soon so you can start watching the trailers.

Zayden said it is also an opportunity for international filmmakers to network with local film makers.

Suzzette Zaden Director of Belize International Film Festival: “Belize International Film Festival is a marriage of art and industry and so we showcase films and as the art part where you come and enjoy films that are made by film makers and they talk about their craft using the language of film to tell stories and then we also, the industry part for us is having these international film makers and special invited guests from workshops to come here and network with the local film makers to inspire them with their stories and to perhaps give them pointers or just be there as a support network.”

Zayden explained that they have partnered with the environmental community in creating a category called the green glow, which will be shared with schools.  This year’s film festival takes place from November eighth to eleventh at the Bliss.