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Belize Jaguars Face off with Puerto

e Belize Jaguars will play against Puerto Rico tomorrow night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. The game is expected to be tough as it is close to a ‘do or die’ situation for both Belize and Puerto Rico if they have any chance of qualifying for the Gold Cup. Love News met the captains of both teams as they spoke about what fans of the sport can expect on Friday night.

Marlon Kuylen, Football Federation of Belize: ‘Ten of the teams that are participating right now are going to qualify for the gold cup. Belize is currently at 18th place but a number of the countries are in the top ten will be playing each other in the other two matches. So if they come out with some draws and we win our next two matches then we go accumulate nine points while some of the top teams right now might end up with eight points – so that will help us to qualify.”

Puerto Rico’s captain Andres Cabrero says the team is ready for the game.

Andres Cabrero, Puerto Rico Team Captain: “We prepare for the game the same way we prepare for any match, we try to do our best. We work on what the coaches want us to do. It changes from game to game depending on the weather it could change formation, could change players could change at the day it’s trying to play the best and see who is the better team.”

All eyes will be on new comer sixteen year old Angelo Capello and veteran Deon McCaulley from the Belize team.

Deon McCaulley, Footballer: “There’s always a little bit of pressure when it comes to these kinds of games, it’s a big international game of course. I mean everybody is focused, everybody is in camp right now. I think for the most part everybody is ready and everybody is ready to give their 100%.”

Angelo Capello, Footballer: “Some scouts came to watch me and offered me a six week trial at Sheffield United and then recently signed a new two year deal with the club and get called up for national team. For me it’s a privilege to come and represent my country and help get the win because we know we need to win and tomorrow if everybody comes out I’m sure they won’t be disappointed with all the players and we know what we need to do and we just need to get the support from the rest of the country and we will get the win.”

Deon McCaulley, Footballer: “Most of the players that we have have already been training before, have been playing before together. For the most part the players that we have are players that have played the first two games already. Angelo is new and he just came in so we are just building the chemistry with me and him but with the other guys we have the chemistry already because we’ve been playing together before. “

The only thing that is clear is that both Belize and Puerto Rico will fight to stay in the competition.   Belize versus Costa Rica is slated from 8 to 10 pm in the Capital.