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Belize Jaguars headed to Guyana win!

The Belize National Football Team, the Jaguars is leaving the country today to play a game against Guyana on Saturday, 23rd March. The team flies out today and they will stay overnight in Panama on their way fulfill their Gold Cup dreams. On Wednesday they start their training at the sporting facility through Friday in preparation for the Saturday night game. A small ceremony in honor of the team was held at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex this morning and we spoke to the coach and players about their expectations in Guyana.

Jose Sanchez: “A win against Guyana is all the Football selection otherwise known as the Jaguars want. Assistant Head Coach Dale Pelayo Belize’s Team Coach has put in the work to earn the win.”

Dale Pelayo Assistant Head Coach, Belize Jaguars: “As part of the coaching staff I am confident and I think I speak for the players and the Federation. I just want to ask the Belizean people to come out and be behind us because we will repeat this trip. For some of the older players this might be there last game in making history for Belize and in preparing the younger players to give them that challenge to go to the Gold Cup and so it is the handing over of a banner. I believe that the older players have seen where they can hand over something that they have had the legacy of repeating history in that they were the first to take Belize to the Gold Cup repeating history once again. Some of them might not be there with us but yes they have accomplished history and now they hand it over onto the younger players to lead from there.”

Jose Sanchez: “The players including Elroy Smith, Nana Mensah, Harrison Roches and Woodrow West all shared the confidence that they will win on Saturday night.”

Elroy Smith Defender, Jaguars, Belize National Football Team: “We trained day in and day out, we trained separately with our clubs and we come together for the national team on Monday. They took the Defenders one side and showed us how to move and prepared us for whatever attack that Guyana might bring.”

Nana Mensah Midfielder, Jaguars, Belize National Football Team: “We had a training session yesterday and this morning. The coaches came up with a tactical plan for everyone to understand their role and to go out there and stick to the plan. That is what we have been doing so I believe we have what it takes to go out there and succeed. I see our strengths: In the mid field we are very strong, we have some quality strikers and our defensive line is very experienced so I think with experience we have what it takes.”

Harrison Roaches Forward , Jaguars Belize National Football Team: “First and foremost we have God so we believe in ourselves you know. This is nice opportunity for all of us because all of us are mature enough to know that football is a team and we are well prepared because the coach is taking time out and he has prepared us well for out there so whatever they come with we are ready.”

Woodrow West Goalkeeper, Jaguars Belize International Team: “I play internationally and physically I am in good condition in my league in Honduras. I played five games without letting anyone score so I think I am in good condition and the game in general is going to be hard because we are on their turf so we have to be patient for the first twenty twenty five minutes of the game and hold it to then see what they are all about. Then we can stick to our plans and execute after that due to what the coach has been training this week with us.”

Dale Pelayo Assistant Head Coach, Belize Jaguars: This group of players have been together since the first World Cup. The older players have been there and we have added our younger talented players to join the senior guys and so we have been training and preparing since the preparation of the first game and the training continues. We are ready, prepared and confident that we are going to go into Guyana and make history once again for Belize. Definitely we have studied Guyana, we have seen how they played in their games and we have studied them on tapes. They are physical and fast like most Caribbean countries you know that these countries are physical. They are just like us but I believe we are more technical than them and that is what we have been working on, holding position of the ball. Holding the position of the ball will give us opportunity to have more looks at goals and more looks at goals well then for sure one will come. For us in Belize it is just the win, we do not need to really focus on goals. We need the three points which will put us at nine which will put us in the bracket of the top ten in making it to the Gold Cup so we are not pressured by any other country to beat a team by any score. We are going to Guyana and 1-0 will give us the three points to make history once again.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

The game will commence at 6:30 pm on Saturday.