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Belize Joins in Energy Awareness Week

Energy Director within the Ministry of Energy, Ambrose Tillett was on The Morning Show today and spoke on the celebration of Energy Week.


“Energy Week was a directive made by Energy Ministers of CARICOM back in 2011 in recognition of the central role energy plays in development; the recognition that the Caribbean Community cannot do development without addressing the energy challenges that they face.  It’s the single most important thing they must address in order for them to prosper and survive and that was the impetus. So the Ministers wanted to bring awareness to the people who live and inhabit the Caribbean community to recognize the central challenge and its importance to development.”

Tillett went on to speak on the planned activities for Energy Week 2015.


“We have a set of activities each day of this week. Today we have our first media event at Love FM and then we go to Corozal Community College for outreach to the schools. Tomorrow which is Tuesday we have the launch jointly with BEL of energy fact sheets and energy information that the ministry and BEL would jointly distribute and disseminate. On Wednesday we come to Belize City to the Biltmore where we have an expo where we’ll be having exhibitors come to the Best Western; we want to showcase the main players in Belize who are involved in energy and what they are doing and it’s a chance for the public to get engaged and to see what’s happening. We are actually working with the schools to try to bring their students to the Best Western on Wednesday. We also have media events that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We then go to Punta Gorda on Thursday where we engage students down in Toledo at the UB campus and then on Friday we go back to Belmopan where we will have a little booth at the Market Place there in Belmopan. During the week we will also have a radio quiz similar to the way the Department of the Environment does when they want to bring awareness to environmental issues.”


Energy Awareness Week is being celebrated under the theme, “A clean low carbon sustainable and secure energy future for CARICOM”.