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Belize joins in observation of International Literacy Day

omorrow September 8th, is International Literacy Day. The Ministry of Education is celebrating the day by holding a Read Aloud Day under the theme, “Read Aloud to a child today, and every day” Lurleen Betson Gamboa told us more about the day’s celebrations.

Lurleen Betson Gamboa

“So what we are doing is tomorrow on Tuesday we are having a small activity out at the BTL Park at 9am. We have a short program and at the end of that program we are going to have different prominent individuals reading to the students of different schools. So we’re going to have from preschool all the way to standard six out at the BTL Park but even for the students who will not be at the BTL park we’re saying that from 9:30 countrywide from preschool all the way up to standard six “read aloud” will be taking place.”

Gamboa told us what they are trying to promote with this activity they had planned for the day.

Lurleen Betson Gamboa

“What we are trying to promote is that we want parents, we want teachers, we want community personnel to read to their children or read to a child and the reason for that is when you do read aloud it promotes comprehension, it promotes strong vocabulary, so when you are reading to that child he or she is able to imitate that reading as well as the child is gaining basic comprehension skills and vocabulary skills.”

The ministry of Education extends the invitation to all schools as well as businesses to participate in the Read Aloud tomorrow.

Lurleen Betson Gamboa

Even though tomorrow September 8th is international literacy day, promote reading aloud to your children, promote reading aloud to any child so we are asking if you are a businesses and you are nearby a school to lend a helping hand in terms of going in and giving your assistance in terms of reading to your students at the school and for us to start getting into the habit of reading aloud.”

The Read Aloud project will be held at the BTL Park and begins at nine thirty tomorrow morning.