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Belize joins in observation of World Literacy Day

The Ministry of Education celebrated International Literacy Day this morning under the theme “Read to a child today and everyday”.  Minister of Education Patrick Faber told us about day and what they wanted to promote.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“Today is just another day in the work of our ministry especially the quads unit and the literacy unit to promote reading to children every single day. It is a very important goal and we cannot do enough to try to continue to promote this effort.”

Faber also told us about a competition that was held for primary school children. The competition was made possible with the assistance from Restore Belize and the objective was to get children to read as much books during the summer break. The winner of the competition was Dajon Miles who read fifty six books.

 Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“We partnered with Restore Belize on many initiatives to promote education in this country but it was really their initiative and as I understand it they worked very closely with the libraries that are a part of the work of the ministry so that they could have acted as stations where children would go, read the books and make a reckoning of the books that they read to ensure that they read it and I was very pleased to hear the numbers this morning of these young persons who read so many books. It is a motivation and inspiration to other kids in this country to top, 56 books over the summer is no easy feet from the young many at All Saints and it should be an encouragement for all of us.

Dajon Miles who is from All Saints Primary School in Belize City won a Lenovo Laptop for reading his fifty six books. We also hear about activities held in Punta Gorda.

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The program began with the national anthem , opening prayer by pastor Ray Jacobs and remarks by Manager of Toledo Education Center Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila.”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila – Manager, Toledo Education Center

“The aim of today’s event is to increase the incidence of having teachers reading aloud to students, parents reading aloud to their children and students reading aloud to students like themselves. I would like to applaud the effort of our readers for today teacher Piola Caritella retired lower division teacher who read to Little Paradise preschool, Mr. George Tillet, Curriculum Officer at Toledo district center who read to St. Peter Clavier School, teacher Melanie Espat a teacher at Little Paradise preschool lead to Tiny Tots preschool, Mayor Fern Gutierrez Mayor of Punta Gorda town read to St. Benedict RC School, Mr. Lilia Resource Librarian who read to St. Benedict and Ms. Jane Lucario a retired principal and teacher and local of manager of Toledo Methodists Schools read to PG students, thanks again for a wonderful even that we had today.

Paul Mahung –Love News

“Guest Speaker was Punta Gorda Mayor Fern Gutierrez.”

Mayor Fern Gutierrez

“Today when we celebrate international literacy day we highlight the importance of reading to children. The importance of parents sitting down and taking that ten minutes in the day to share a piece of literature with your child, the important of teachers making the classroom child friendly and reading friendly and so as we celebrate collectively I urge you to open your books and learn something new.”

Paul Mahung – Love News

“Thereafter the very attentive and motivated children present were treated to stories read aloud to them by six adult readers who spear headed reading sessions with six groups of children. The literacy day activities today were held at the Punta Gorda library and coordinated by the staff of Ministry of Education Toledo ended with healthy fresh fruit snacks with the children also enjoyed.”