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Belize Leaders for Social Justice take a stand against crime

Belize Leaders for Social Justice held a candlelight vigil on the night of January first in memory of those who have been murdered, prompted primarily by the recent murder of Fareed Ahmad. Activist Moses Sulph was one of the organizers.

Moses Sulph – Belize Leaders for Social Justice

“It is to commemorate them basically and to honor them and to let families of those who have lost their loved ones know that we are still concerned about their loss and we still believe that justice needs to be served for those family members who they have lost. We have been involved in calling out against injustice and injustice is not just done by government but it is done by individuals within society. It’s the first of January and we are saying having a vigil is saying ‘listen let’s bring peace to our country. Let’s lift up the light of your nation, stop killing your brothers and sisters, it makes no sense for you to be murdering your brothers and sisters for nothing or for simple things.’ When you kill a person you are destroying a part of other people’s lives, totally destroying it. So we are saying that we are going to stay involved, we are always engaged and we are always concerned and we are saying that first of January we are having this vigil to send a message to please stop the killing and violence and stop the unnecessary acts of corruption and injustice.”