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Belize Leaders for Social Justice take to the streets to protest fuel prices

This morning the Belize Leaders for Social Justice held a demonstration in Belize City to protest the high cost of fuel. The turnout for the protest was approximately one hundred protesters. Many PUP supporters were a part of the protest.  Moses Sulph Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice was asked how he felt about the small turn out.

Moses Sulph – Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice

“I’m not disheartened about the turnout to be honest with you. I am one of those persons and I’ve always mentioned to my organizations and people I’m around that listen I have seen in countries where there are millions of people where you have 330 million in the US and 2 million people turn out that is less than 2% of the population so with us 360,000 we have these people out here this is a great percentage as compared to the population. As I said before I am sure that more people would come out day by day. We are giving the Prime Minister and his government until next week Thursday to reduce the gas price to $8.”

Also, he was asked how he felt about PUP supporters in the protest.

Moses Sulph – Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice

“We are trying to keep it neutral at this time but it is very clear and everybody knows the opposition who is the longest ruling party in this country have a great following. I am certain that people have their own mind and own heart and people are dissatisfied. Just within my little group there are thirty people who are a part of the head corp so that alone is telling you and I am saying that Prime Minister can attest to this as well in 2005 were out there many who are now in high position in his cabinet and who are in high position in different government offices were out there because they are dissatisfied with the then situation.”

Sulph said if the government refuses to reduce the fuel prices, then they will have another protest next week Thursday.

Moses Sulph – Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice

“I believe and it is my hope and from all indication is that if it’s not reduced to where we are asking we don’t want a .20 cent reduction or any .30 cent reduction we want it down to $8 and if there is any logical reason why you cannot take it down to $8 other than you collecting more tax then show us that and we are more understandable enough to say okay maybe it’s out of your control but unless you can do that then we want it down to $8 and if it’s not reduced we are going to be out here next Thursday again and I am confident and hoping that the people will be out there and it will be like a demonstration on steroids the next time because enough is enough.”