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Belize Leaders for Social Justice to protest fuel price hike

Fuel at the pump is at an all-time high; however, the Prime Minister said that the high cost was mainly due to the temporary suspension of the PetroCaribe program which led them to import fuel from El Salvador. The Prime Minister said a new arrangement was reached with PetroCaribe that guaranteed reliability of the supply of fuel. PM Dean Barrow said consumers can soon expect to see a decrease in fuel prices with the next shipment.  Nevertheless, Belize Leaders for Social Justice is planning to have a demonstration tomorrow to protest the high cost of fuel. Moses Sulph Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice tells us more.

Moses Sulph – Co-Chair of the Belize Leaders for Social Justice

“Belize Leaders for Social Justice has organized the demonstration with regards to the high cost of gas at the pump and we are appealing to Belizeans to kindly come out. We have spoken to many taxi drivers and other motorists who are dissatisfied with the high gas price that they are paying so we are hoping they will come out tomorrow. At 10pm we start at the constitution park and then we make our way to the battlefield Park and then Albert Street. Now I am certain that I have heard by speaking to many on the street saying gas prices don’t affect them however after I have explained to them how it does affect them then they realize that when you go to the store because there is a higher gas price at the pump you are going to pay more for goods and services. Research shows that we are at the highest cost at the pump in Central American Countries so we are saying straight to eight, drop the gas prices to eight and we would still be at the highest price in Central American countries so the gas price is too high at this time and it’s causing other goods and services to hike already. We already know that the cost of living is high already and it’s driving up the cost of goods and services. We have heard of a press release sent out by the government saying that they are going to decrease the gas price however the press release did not state when they will decrease it and by how much. The gas price, Prime Minister can then decide to decrease it by .20 cents and say that he would decrease and we are saying that we want it to be decreased at a place whereby others within our region are paying within that bracket or level. We should not be paying $5 or $6 more than other people and we do understand that the gas price drives up other goods and services and we think it’s very unfair and it’s outrageous that gas is up to $11.92 cents.”