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Belize Leaders for Social Justice protest high cost of living

Belize Leaders for Social Justice will be holding a demonstration on Saturday to protest the increase in the cost of living. Member Moses Sulph told us more.

Moses Sulph, Member, Belize Leaders for Social Justice: “The purpose of Saturday’s demonstration is to highlight the injustice in the high cost of living that many Belizeans are facing with regards to house rent, light bill, cable bill, we have seen an increase of all these things over the past years significantly. Belize has the highest cost per gallon for premium in the entire region today and this is affecting other goods and services as well. So we are saying sa a group, a social justice group that has been out in the community, talking to mothers who are working, mothers who are not working, fathers who are working, fathers who are not working we get a clear picture that people are suffering tremendously when it comes to taking care of their basic needs. When it comes to just having food from one pay day to one pay day. Saturday we will start at the constitution park by the Pound Yard bridge, we will make our way to the Battlefield Park and there we will have a presentation of what the group will be formulating to the Government and to the opposition because this is not about the Government in power, it’s about policies that need to be implemented so that regardless of who is in power those policies can be implemented. To reduce the monetary burdens of those who are making minimum wage or lower income. If you don’t want to increase the minimum wage to a high level then what you do is you reduce certain financial burdens in housing or in cost of education, in cost of healthcare and that sort of thing that is going to help the person. We are asking each mother and father who are going through the same things we have explained to just participate, come out, it makes a difference. Your number will make a difference and we want to thank you as well.”

The demonstration starts at ten o’clock in the morning at the Constitution Park.