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Belize and Louisiana Nurses collaborate on best practices

Nurses are the frontline administrators in the healthcare profession; as such they play a very critical role.  In effort to improve the service that they offer to patients, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital engaged in a nurses exchange program with nurses from the United States. Love News spoke with nurses Madona Vicente, Registered Nurse and Neroli Williams, Unit Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were a part of the exchange last year and they shared their experience.

Madona Vicente, Registered Nurse: “So I had the experience of visiting six hospitals but strictly in the ICU units and we just observed the nurses doing their nursing care and see what changes we can bring about back home to Belize. What we observed was nursing care is basically the same throughout the country but they have modern equipment that we do not have but apart from that we still came back to whatever changes we saw we made changes in our ICU. We created intubation kits and those are usually when patients are critical and they need to be intubated that is what we call a tube in their throat, we used to have different equipment in different areas in the unit but we made one kit and then with that kit if you have an emergency you just take that kit to the bedside and you have everything to wok with.”

Neroli Williams, Unit Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: “I must say I am happy to see that what is being done in the first world country is basically the same care that we are providing in the developing country. So I was very happy, I was pleased to know that. Technology they are much more advanced than us but hands on care we are doing far more with what we have; even our survival patients the viability age is the same at 27-28 weeks. The retinopathy of prematurity which is a condition of the premature babies that they can’t see well that has been decreased significantly.”

A group of five nurses and one respiratory therapist from Louisiana, USA, is presently here in Belize for a capacity building exercise at the KHMH to ensure that the Belizean public continues to receive the best practices that the healthcare system has to offer. Love News also spoke with Nurse Teresita McNabb, Vice President of Nursing at Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, Louisiana.


Nurse Teresita McNabb, Vice President of Nursing, Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, Louisiana: “The purpose is for us to collaborate with the staff here and try to establish best practices that we have at home and bring some of those ideas here, collaborating with the nursing staff as well as take some of the best practices that they have here at Karl Heusner and bring it back to Louisiana and implement at our hospitals. So the whole purpose is to learn from one another, build relationships, create long lasting relationships where we share ideas and resources and knowledge about healthcare and improving the lives of our communities.”

The exchange was made possible through the efforts of the Rotary Club.