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Belize Medical and Dental Association hosts three day congress

The Belize Medical and Dental Association (BMDA) in collaboration with the Maternal and Childhood Health Program of the Ministry of Health is hosting their ninth pre-congress. President of the BMDA, Dr. Jose Moguel, says the pre-congress will be beneficial for the health practitioners in attendance as well as the general public.

Jose Moguel President Belize Medical and Dental Association: “Benefit can come from different angles: one is because it is continuing medical education session where the objective is for the professional and the lectures to share knowledge and learning. The lectures of course deliver their vast knowledge to us.Take for instance today you have consultants from PAHO which may be National and International and we also have some local experts. The majority of the experts are local experts Physicians,Internist,Gynecologists. On that part in medical education is very important. The other aspect of benefit as you ask is securing credit hours, medical credit hours for the registration and licensing of Doctors principally and any other healthcare providers that may need it for instance nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Moguel shared the BMDA’s objectives of the congress for this year.

Jose Moguel President Belize Medical and Dental Association: The pre-congress meets its objective by having these sharing and learning of the different things that are discussed here you know and I can list to you for instance: vaccines, another one is alcohol disorder, AIDS, NCDS, non-communicable ideas. They are discussed right here and the relevance on how they should are managed and in the children and the group of pregnancies. With regards to the Congress now its a two day event okay. This being the initiation so to speak, the first day focuses on only maternal and child health. The Congress itself is a more broad spectrum, it focuses on many other aspects of medicine which you may know that has a very broad field so the next two days which will be tomorrow 19th and 20th will address different things like cancer,  Ischemic heart Disease. Those diseases that are very prevalent in the country and other things like microscopic surgery and stuff so that we can upgrade and elevate the standards of practice in the country.”

Today’s pre-congress precedes the thirty-seventh Belize Medical and Dental Association’s congress which is held each year. The congress starts Wednesday and ends on Thursday.