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Belize & Mexico commemorate Mariscal Spencer Treaty

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, but it’s quite normal to visit the same place even if it’s a commemoration over one hundred years later.  On Sunday, the Belize Peace Movement marked the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the Mariscal Spencer Treaty. The treaty signed in 1893, established the northern border.  Bobby Lopez of the Belize Peace Movement spoke with Love News about the event.

Bobby Lopez – Belize Peace Movement: “The things we’ve been studying certainly is the whole history of all the treaties and of course we’ve come across and we’ve been studying it but we never realized that the Mariscal Spencer treaty which was signed between Mexico and the UK on July 8th 1893 and we were just sitting around and we said ‘boy the 125 anniversary is coming up why don’t we do something and so we invited the mayors of both Corozal and Orange Walk who gave messages of solidarity and friendship of good neighbors and so I think it will be come an annual event. The Mexicans were just so glad that we had the idea of this side of the border to recognize and commemorate this treaty.”

Lopez said he longs to see a day when Belize can enjoy the same sort of relationship with our other neighbor, Guatemala.

Bobby Lopez – Belize Peace Movement: “While there is some neighborly relationships with perhaps Melchor we can’t say that on the Sarstoon because now the Sarstoon has basically been annexed by Guatemala, our people can’t travel up the Sarstoon anymore, our army can only go if the Guatemalan army allows them  to go so whenever they have change of guard or what have you it’s because the Guatemalan Army allows them passage but they don’t allow Belizeans. So it’s a totally different relationship, it’s one of hostility to a certain degree but certainly we would love to be able to live in peace, in harmony with our neighbors and we hope that our leaders keep saying that they have exhausted all negotiations well negotiations is something you never exhaust.”

Lopez said the group hopes to make the commemoration an annual event.