Belize National Fire Service Boosts Personnel: Recruit Training Commences

Belize National Fire Service Boosts Personnel: Recruit Training Commences

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  • January 30, 2024
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The Belize National Fire Service will soon have five dozen additional firefighters. After almost seven years, the department has embarked on a recruit training of firemen volunteers. The men have served in the department for several years and are now being prepared to be full-time public officers. Today, Belize City Station Supervisor Kenneth Mortis spoke about the venture and the emotions it has brought to the volunteers. 

Kenneth Mortis, Belize City Station Supervisor, National Fire Service: “What this training course is geared towards is taking volunteers assigned to the fire department with anything from two years serving as a volunteer to actually we have one that has actually waited for this opportunity for the past fifteen years it has been that long he has been serving the capacity as a volunteer and this is the time that he has been waiting for. I surely believe that he is taking full advantage of this opportunity maximizing his knowledge that he has had in the volunteer field to now execute it effectively in the recruit training to become at the end of the course a full fledged firefighter. It’s an elevated level for the volunteers. They on a successful completion of the training they will forever throw away that title as a volunteer and they can officially call themselves fire fighter. This is a big step forward for the fire department in terms of an additional sixty fire fighters that we will disperse strategically across the country whether it be Corozal to Punt Gorda, San Pedro to Benque and within neighboring areas we have those fire stations across the country that can desperately use an increase in manpower and when it comes to exactly what we do it’s anything from a classroom setting whereby they have been taught certain subjects pertaining to firefighting and firefighting techniques to the physical field whereby their physical experience as a volunteer will now be enhanced and upgraded. So the training will definitely require a more stable set of mind, it will be a physically demanding.”

Mortis added that the men will also undergo training in emergency medical services and will be providing ambulance services sooner rather than later. 

Kenneth Mortis, Belize City Station Supervisor, National Fire Service: “For us as instructors on behalf of the fire department we are excited. We haven’t had a recruit training since 2016 so this is the first in almost seven years and we definitely want to capitalize on this opportunity whereby like I said an increase in manpower definitely takes a little bit of strain off the current situation we’re in. We’re hoping for a full success rate of sixty and once we have reached that goal then we can only wait and see when we’ll get another chance to conduct another recruit training.”

The training is taking place at the Belize Defence Force’s Price Barracks compound.

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