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Belize National U15 Females are achieving Milestones

The Belize National U15 Female selection traveled to the USA on Friday, August 3rd.  They are participating in the U15 Girls Championship CONCACAF Tournament in Bradenton, Florida. Assistant Secretary-General for the FFB, Luis Pena says the team has played several games and some milestones were made.

Luis Pena, Assistant General Secretary: “One we played against St.Kitts and Nevis where we lost by a score of 4-3. We also played Martinique where we lost 3-0 but the last two games that we played we played against the British Virgin Islands where we won by a score of 4-0 and this morning Friday we played against Dominican Republic and had another historic win by a score of 2-1. This is a big celebration for us because it’s the first time that the female national selection has made an impact on a tournament in fact we have 11 year old Ms.Khalidiya Velasquez who scored a goal in the tournament and this is also very historic for us. The players who scored in the tournament for our U15 selection was Geneva Quiroz who scored one goal. We had Giselle Conorquie who scored three goals. We also had Khalidiya Velasquez who is the eleven year old who scored one goal and we had Ofelia Casimiro who scored four goals. In total in the tournament we we scored a total of nine goals so this is very good for the FFB.”