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Belize nearing the peak of the Hurricane Season

Meanwhile, Belize nears the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Over the past week, substantial rainfall caused severe damage to the infrastructure of the Philip Goldson Highway. The showers were caused by a weather system that affected the Caribbean Sea and tonight, another tropical wave is affecting the country. According to Chief Meteorologist, Ronald Gordon, these occurrences will become more frequent as the height of the hurricane season rapidly approaches.

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist, MET Service: “We are arriving at the peak of the hurricane season it typically is around September 10 that’s the actual climatological peak. We have had significant rainfall as you would know just recently that has significant effect across the country especially over the northern part of the country. There were incidents of damage to road infrastructure and certainly that I saw the incidence of farmers being affected also by the intense rainfall so it is important again that the general public monitors the information that’s coming from us to be able to prepare in a timely manner as best as possible to save property but more importantly to save lives. So one of our main functions as a Met Service is to ensure that persons are protected and are warned in time to be prepared and to take the necessary action to avoid any sort of fatality from any inclement weather conditions across Belize.”

The peak of the hurricane season is in the week of September 10.