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Belize Network of NGOs decries postponement of re-registration exercise

The voices that object to the postponement of the re-registration continue to be heard. Yesterday the Belize Network of NGOs registered its discontent that the exercise has been put off another year. In its release the BNN says given that the last re-registration exercise was conducted two decades ago, the electors list is very likely compromised which means that the very integrity of our political democracy is severely undermined. Moreover, given the impending national referendum regarding taking the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice, the urgency of compiling a legitimate voters list is stronger than ever. Within this context, the BNN says it is calling for the Elections and Boundaries Commission to rescind their decision to postpone the re-registration exercise, so that this could be completed in time for the upcoming Municipal Elections.  As it relates to the estimated cost of the exercise as has been pointed out, the BNN says if it so desires, the Government of Belize may ask the National Assembly to approve Supplementary Budgets for matters of national significance. The need for a national re-registration exercise is unquestionable.  The release ends by pointing out that the Representation of the People Act states that the carrying out of the re-registration exercise may be postponed “…if the date of the re-registration exercise falls within six months of the general elections becoming due or being called…” They point out that it is Municipal elections that are due in 2018, not General Elections.