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Belize offers Guatemala assistance after horrific volcanic eruption

So far over seventy fatalities have been recorded as a result of the horrific volcanic eruption in Guatemala on Sunday. The death toll is expected to increase. Countries around the world have pledged to support Guatemala in their time of need. Belize is one of those countries. This morning while at the OAS General Assembly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, offered Belize’s assistance.

Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister of Belize: “I wish to start my intervention this morning by expressing Belize’s deepest sympathies with the government and people of Guatemala on the eruption of the volcano resulting in the deaths of many of their citizens, we are deeply saddened by that event. Belize has lot of connections with Guatemala, kit and kin as well and we are deeply sorry and we’ve expressed to the Guatemalan foreign minister our own willingness to be of whatever assistance we are able to give to that country at this time of need.”

Love News got in contact with officials from Belize’s Embassy in Guatemala City. We were told that they are doing okay and if the second volcano near the city exhibits activity, the ambassador and his team will depart the city immediately.