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Belize Olympic Association to host Olympic Day

The Olympic encourages persons to be their best in sports and by extension, life. Additionally, there is also an Olympic Day which celebrates the Olympic movement.   The Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association is hosting a sporting day on July 7, in commemoration of Olympic Day. The event will be held at Digi Park in Belize City. In speaking with Allan Sharp, the Secretary General for the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games, he said that they would like each person to be active with their capabilities.

Allan Sharp – Secretary General for the Belize Olympic: “The first Olympic Day was held in 1948 by a group of countries but it was in the 1970’s that then the International Olympic Committee then started asking all National Olympic Committees throughout the world to have an Olympic run. It started out with just an Olympic run and then it expanded into Olympic Day and so this year after many years of celebrating Olympic Day Run we are now having a full-fledged Olympic Day in which sixteen National Federations will be out here on Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm to demonstrate their sport for the kids, grandmothers, fathers, mothers and all in between to participate in their particular sport so there will be a lot of activity there. In addition to that, we have local sports or fun sports like sack race, lime, and spoon and so forth that will be happening right here just behind me, that will be another fun activity. There are three main pillars or objectives of Olympic Day and that is move, learn and discover: move in trying to get the public/ people to get very active no matter what age or abilities you have, two learn the role of sports in society and discover, come and learn different sports,try different sports, learn a new sport.”

Sharp said that the registration for the sporting activities and the Olympic run begins at 1:00 p.m. Thereafter, the games will commence at 2:00 p.m. while the Olympic Day run will commence at 3:30. It will be held in five different categories and the route will be along the seaside.