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Belize Olympic Committee donates to Belize Athletics Association

The Belize Olympic Committee handed over equipment to the Belize Athletic Association today. Handing over the donation was the Vice President of the committee, Owen Meighan and receiving it was Deon Sutherland, the President of the Belize Athletic Association.

Owen Meighan – Vice president, BOC

“We have starting blocks, shot put, discusses, we’ve got javelins coming, we’ve got stop watches, we’ve got hurdle equipment coming for hurdling, we got a marker which we aim to mark the fields easily, that’s about it but everything they requested we got.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News

“Tell us about why it is that the NOC felt it necessary to donate these sorts of equipment to the organization?”

Owen Meighan – Vice president, BOC

“Well we just got a new track some of the equipment they had before were lost. We foresee a lot of the young athletes now we see good potential in them and see this helps them to perform much better.”

Deon Sutherland – President, BAA

“We are very thankful for this equipment because we’ve been struggling over the years. We have the track to use but we don’t have any equipment and so when the NOC asked us to request equipment we did not hesitate and we did that and as quickly as they could they provided  this for us.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

“How many athletes will this benefit?

Deon Sutherland – President, BAA

“We have over 140 athletes right now, as you know it’s summer time and we are preparing for quite a number of events and just because it’s summer a lot of the athletes are out there and so we must say thanks to them they provided a coach and now we have the equipment to go along with that.”

The value of the donation is more than seventeen thousand dollars.