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Belize: One of the Top 7 Destinations for 2017

Belize has been making its mark on the international scene especially when it comes to the tourism aspect.  Destinations in Belize have been awarded by several entities including Trip Advisor, World Travel Awards, Eco-Excellence Awards, among others.  While tourism is in its low season right now, Belize is already preparing for the opening of the high season in November; and if the international reports and recommendations are any indication of the arrivals we can anticipate, then Belize may very well continue on its upward trend in tourism data.  Stride Travel has compiled its list of the seven top destinations for people to travel to come 2017.  Belize is listed at the number three spot with a brief description, reading, quote, “Belize has been a ‘go to’ destination for years among American retirees looking to settle down in a friendly and warm country close to home. But you don’t need to wait for retirement to take advantage of Belize’s world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. A guided tour will ensure you gain access to the top snorkeling and diving spots like the Lighthouse Reef atoll, home to the famous Blue Hole. A tour guide will also provide local insights and historical context when visiting places like the Mayan ruins at Xunantunich and Caracol.”  End of quote.  Stride Travel is an online platform backed by big investors in both the tech and travel industries.  Other destinations making it on the list are Greece, Romania, Iceland, Thailand, Machu Picchu, Peru with Cuba topping the list of destinations for 2017.