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Belize Partakes in CARICOM-Japan Consultations

The 18th CARICOM-Japan Consultation concluded on Tuesday, March 14 of which Belize was a participant via video conferencing.  This consultation was built with three main foundations namely, the cooperation towards sustainable development including overcoming vulnerabilities particular to small island developing States; the deepening and expansion of bonds founded on exchanges and friendships and cooperation in addressing challenges faced within the International Community.  The projects and programmes founded under this cooperation between CARICOM and Japan are in the areas of mutual interest including disaster risk reduction, education, health, climate change, renewable energy, among others.  According to the an article published on this consultation, Japan has been a long standing partner in development for the Community and is one of the few developed countries to have actively sought to take account of indicators other than per capita income to determine eligibility of countries in its technical cooperation programmes. The last consultation was held in October 2014.