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Belize Participates in Discussions to Improve the Cruise Industry

Belize participated in the Seatrade Cruise Global event in Miami, Florida. The event, which concluded today, looked at the resilience of the cruise industry under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic and also saw discourse on ways to make the sector more innovative and safer. The Belize Tourism Board’s Director of Cruise Quality Management and Capacity Development, Abil Castañeda told Love News today about some other key takeaways from the event.

Abil Castañeda, Director of Cruise Quality Management, BTB:Sea Trade is the biggest cruise trade show in the world. It’s Cruise Seatrade Global actually and so all countries that are serious about cruise tourism come together here along with all the cruise lines, all the different suppliers to the cruise industry to have meetings to share their new products, to share any new developments that may be happening within the destinations, within the cruise lines and so it’s really just a convergent point for the cruise industry to kind of be up to date with what’s happening around the world. The biggest takeaway is really because we’re coming out of the COVID sort of lockdown and the whole stoppage of sailings by the cruise industry, this is the first Seatrade that we are participating in globally, in person. The last one was done virtually and so it really is an opportunity for us to showcase that we are here. We are serious where it relates to cruise tourism. We are committed to the industry and we are committed to working with our cruise line stakeholders to be able to move the sector towards a more sustainable and prosperous way.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Tourism & Diaspora Relations, Nicole Solano and the BTB’s Director of Tourism, Evan Tillett are among those leading the Belize delegation.