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Belize Peace Movement to challenge the compromis

The Belize Peace Movement is attempting to stop what they are calling “an egregious breach of our Belize Constitution”.  In late 2008, Belize and Guatemala signed a compromis, a special agreement to have the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute settled by International Court of Justice. Wilfred Elrington, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, signed on behalf of Belize meanwhile Haroldo Rodas the then Guatemalan Foreign Minister signed on behalf of Guatemala. In challenging the matter, the Belize Peace Movement is seeking the Bar Association’s assistance and sent them a letter on July 10th making the request.  Love News spoke with Bobby Lopez, Public Relations of the Belize Peace Movement.

Bobby Lopez, Public Relations Officer, Belize Peace Movement: “Encouraged by the Bar Association’s pronouncement in a release dated July 11 2011 and I’d like to read that first paragraph. “Belize is a nation founded on the rule of law and our constitution is the supreme law. The courts of Belize have the undisputed authority to determine what the law is and they do so by the judgments they pronounce including declaratory.” What we feel is a violation of the constitution where the foreign minister signed the special agreement and the special agreement states that if we all vote yes in Belize that then we give the ICJ the authority to redefine our borders yet our constitution says that the only way our borders can be redefined is by a 2/3 vote of the National Assembly and we feel it is our right as Belizens to challenge it in the Supreme Court.”

Lopez said that failing to find local legal representation; they will be seeking attorneys from within the region.