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Belize Peace Movement says No to ICJ

Earlier this year, the groups BUFERHD, the Belize Peace Movement and the Belize Territorial Volunteers publicly announced their decision to embark on a campaign against forwarding Guatemala’s unfounded claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Bobby Lopez, a senior member of the Belize Peace Movement gave an update on the ‘Say No to ICJ’ Campaign.

Bobby Lopez Belize Peace movement: “I  believe our campaign is going excellent with the limited resources that we have. We have been giving almost on a weekly basis presentations. This week we were at a church in Belmopan. I really want to say kudos to the Evangelical Association. We have been giving for the last two, three months that we didn’t meet with first their association and since then we have had pastors calling us for presentations to their churches. Tomorrow we are going to be in Independence at the invitation of the Independence Jr.  College, where we will be giving another presentation. We are also giving presentations to companies, also to organizations so I feel it is going well with the limited resources. Now I will tell you that we do take issue with donations that have been coming in from international sources and those donations, the funding, they have been saying that there position is neutral but yet they know that the campaign of the government presentation while they don’t come out and say we want you to vote yes everything is in favor of why we should be going to ICJ. Our position is no.”

Lopez said that they are against going to the ICJ since they feel strongly that the compromise is unconstitutional. Lopez explained that the compromise assumes we could give up part of our territory by allowing the ICJ to re-evaluate our borders. The Belize Peace Movement is presently challenging the compromis, and is seeking the services of a law firm from one of the CARICOM member states. As it relates to the campaign, anyone who would like to learn more can contact 610-8867.