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Belize Placed on Alert for Possible Presence of MS13 Gang Fugitives

Whether or not the ten Salvadoran fugitives have plans to enter Belize is yet to be determined but police authorities are taking no chances and have issued a warning to the public to be on the lookout for the ten men who broke out of a maximum security jail in El Salvador.  Honduran and Guatemalan authorities are already on high alert and with Belize being a regional neighbor, local authorities have followed suit.  According to international reports, the men used a hacksaw to break out of jail on Sunday.  They were among fifty men housed in a cell but only those ten managed to break out.  The men are reportedly linked to the MS13 Gang which also goes by the name, Maras Salvatruchas.  Police in Honduras are thinking that the fugitives may head for Honduras.  Meanwhile, a joint task force has been activated with participation from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala military.