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Belize Police Department Hold Elections For Police Association Board

Yesterday sergeants, constables, and corporals of the Belize Police Department took to polling stations all over the country to elect a new Police Association Central Board. Love news was present for the unveiling of the new Association as our Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to Superintendent Calbert flowers about the results of yesterday’s elections.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The Belize Police Department held their annual Police Association Election for Central Board country wide. According to the law election must be held the first week of January each year. Superintendent Albert Flowers, officer in charge of the election told us more.

Superintendent Albert Flowers: “This year we had a total of fifteen candidates who contested this election; five Sergeants, six Corporals and three Police Constables. Persons eligible to participate in these elections are police officers of and below the rank of Sergeant. This year of the two thousand one hundred and seventy nine officers of and below the rank of Sergeant who were eligible to vote a total of eight hundred and thirty eight officers exercised their rights and turned out to vote which amounted to 38.4%, a bit lower than we had last year. After the results were tabulated the seven candidates that were elected winner in this year’s election are as follows: We have Sargent Jermaine Hyde, Sergeant William Usher, Sergeant Gilbert Martinez, Corporal Shaeline Myers, Corporal Belky Gilharry, Corporal Reina Mendoza and Police Constable Lorenzo Mendoza. These seven persons will form the new Central Board of the Police Association for the year 2021.”

The Police Association will be led by the slate of Sergeant Jermaine Hyde who will take up the mandate of looking after the welfare of police officers country wide. One of these welfare issues is the fact that the department has been severely hit by COVID-19 which resulted in them being short staffed. Today we spoke to the Newly Elected President of the association who shared his sentiments on the current issues facing the department.

Sgt. Jermaine Hyde, President, Belize Police Association: “One of the every day concern of police officers, one of those things that are pressing in terms of welfare issues is that of police officers who are sick, they need medical attention and they are not there financially to face these medical expenses so then as a police association we try to find ways to deal with this and one of the things I will say and I would like to thank the business community who is always there supporting the Police Association in our endeavors to garner finance to help these police officers so that is our job also when it comes to welfare; we might not be able to help them to cover all the expenses when it comes to their medical expense but we try our best to help them and that is one of the major welfare issues we’re noticing.”

It is notable to say Hyde has bounced back after having been placed on Interdiction in April of 2010 and returning in May of that same year after he was cleared of allegations made against him.