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Belize Police Department receives donation of ten breathalyzers

Today, Attorney Christopher Coye made a generous donation of ten breathalyzers to the Belize Police Department. The total cost of the donation was said to be about four thousand dollars, and it is the hope of the BPD that these breathalyzers will help curb drunk driving. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, was the one who received the donation on behalf of the BPD.
Deputy Commissioner of Police – Edward Broaster:  It’s always a great pleasure when we have civic-minded citizens who feel obligated in assisting the police in the prevention of the loss of lives on our highways and across this country. This public-private partnership that I have always enjoyed with Senor Christopher Coye yielded again a handsome donation of 10 breathalyzers that will enable the Police Department to do tests on drivers to ensure that they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving on our highways, creating havoc and taking away the lives of loved ones. We will ensure that we deploy these breathalyzers in the areas that we know we have data where we have drunk driving and propensity for drivers to be under the influence, especially in the south, in the north and the city. “
Christopher Coye – Attorney/ Donor: “ The value is a little over $4000.00.  Why breathalyzers? I think we see in the news so regularly the road traffic accidents and there is question as to the cause of these road traffic accidents but certainly drunk driving is a significant factor that plays in to this so we want to see how we can contribute towards producing the prevalence of that kind of incident.”
According to the Deputy ComPol, there is a legislation governing the use of the breathalyzers so that the information can be used as evidence in court.////