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Belize Police thwart drug plane landing in northern Belize

A series of events last Friday in Northern Belize has prompted police to investigate what appears to have been an attempt to land an aircraft. In a first report, police found portable fluorescent lights along the San Estevan/Progresso Road, then police came under fire and finally one man reported he was intercepted by armed men, tied and abandoned along the same stretch of road where the lights were found. In the weekly Monday press brief, Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett provided more details. His officers first received an alert to the lights along the road and went to investigate.

ACP Joseph Mvyette: “They observed a number of portable fluorescent lights lining a part of the road as well as some revolving lights on the eastern and western areas where the lights were. No one was found in the area, This was as a result of information of low flying aircraft in that area. Sometime after 3:40 AM Corozal Police responding to the said information by way of the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry Rd. encountered two persons on motorcycles who were followed by two pickups that had occupants in the back and the Police Officers were fired upon by these persons. Police have since impounded one vehicle which was left at the Ferry and in continuing  in relation to the said investigation on Saturday the 1st of December sometime around 4 PM one Armando Pot 26 years, a vegetable vender in Chunox Village accompanied by a 17 year old minor reported that sometime around 1:00 AM on Friday the 30th of November whilst he was southbound he left Chunox enroute to Belize City to sell vegetables when he was stopped in this very said area by four armed persons in a Dodge pickup. As a result himself and his companion were tied up and left there. He later untied himself some half and hour later where he too observed those lights.”

Police say the impounded vehicle has Belizean license plates and investigators are looking into who owns it. Also, police has detained three persons who are being questioned. Reports are that a plane was seen hovering in the area but aside from the fluorescent lights, police did not locate a plane. Several hours after, however, Mexican media in Chetumal reported of a plane, loaded with cocaine, landing in the western end of the Chetumal International Airport. It happened shortly before four o’clock in the morning on November 30 and it is reported that the aircraft was loaded with over a ton and a half of cocaine. Two persons reportedly alighted the plane and escaped into bushes near the airport. Is this the same aircraft that was hovering over the San Estevan/ Progresso road? Did police foil its landing in Belize? Operations Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said, it was effectively so.

DCP Chester Williams: “Obviously the activities there are consistent with illegal plays and indeed yes the Police was so equipped that we are able to thwart the landing and then after the plane went and landed at the Chetumal Airport where the Chetumal Federales have admissed and they were not as effective as the Police in Belize were. The plane could have landed right in the backyard of the Mexican Federales and then something is wrong and despite the fact that they have even more equipments than we do were more effective than they were, that’s the truth.”