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Belize preps for possible tropical depression early next week

Belize could be heading into some difficult weather as early as next week. That’s thanks to a system that’s formed near the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The Chief Meteorologist, Ronald Gordon hosted a briefing this morning and Dale McDougall brings you the highlights. 

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: Should we be worried about some bad weather coming our way? If the prognostications by the National Met Service are correct, early next week, Belize could be affected by what could become a tropical depression or possibly worse.  

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist: “We are closely monitoring what is become an area of low pressure just north of South America near the ABC islands. The system has a high chance of becoming a tropical depression within the next two to five days as it moves generally to the West northwest across the eastern Caribbean sea and enters the central Caribbean sea.”  

Dale McDougall, Love FM News:  As the system drifts towards our area, there is still uncertainty on what kind of impact it will have on Belize. Gordon explains that as we progress into the weekend, we should have a better idea. 

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist:  Once the system becomes a tropical depression like I said the computer models are going to become more consolidated, there’s gonna be more consensus on where this system will go once it has developed a closed circulation so we’re looking at probably about a day or two before it becomes a tropical depression and once it becomes one we’ll have a clearer idea where it will track.”  

Dale McDougall, Love FM News:  This weather event fits the historical profile of storms being formed during the latter part of the hurricane season.  

 Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist:  “September and October are the two months where we do have more tropical cyclone activity heading in our direction. Historically speaking most of the tropical storms and hurricanes that have affected Belize or made landfall in the country have occurred or occur in these two months so yes this system is basically following that trend whereby at this time of the year we have systems coming nearer to us. That does not again indicate that this particular system will make direct landfall in Belize however it is tracking in the general direction where we expect systems to do for this time of the year.” 

Dale McDougall, Love FM News:  For now, neither the Met Office nor NEMO have issued advisories but the general rule of thumb is to remain vigilant and follow updates from local authorities. We will continue to follow the situation very closely in the coming days. Dale McDougall, Love News.