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Belize Progressive Party unimpressed with Independence Day speeches

The Belize Progressive Party was not impressed with the addresses made by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition at yesterday’s Independence Day ceremony. The BPP says both lacked depth regarding the wide expanse of governance-related issues and the subsequent, detrimental impacts on Belize. It goes on to say both were devoid of true and honest explanations as to issues such as to the ongoing, naked aggression by the Guatemalan Military against innocent, unarmed Belizean citizens, within Belizean territory, as well as their mutually intentional avoidance of adhering to the rule of law, particularly as it relates to the Prevention of Corruption Act, of which the requisite fines incurred by those who have failed to declare their assets, can go a  considerable way toward creating work and development opportunities for the ever-increasing number of our citizens who are in need.