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Belize Public Transit System Looking to Be Improved

Another issue high on today’s agenda was the way the public transit system could be improved. CEO Marconi Leal Junior explains that the ministry is working ways to make bus runs more profitable for the operators, while improving safety protocols. He explains that the ministry is trying to eliminate standees and rushing on the roads. 

Marconi Leal, Jr., CEO, Ministry of Transport: “So there’s a few things we’re looking at. We’re looking at the standard of buses. At what year does a bus can’t be on the road anymore? And it’s the year of the bus but it’s also the inspections that we’re going to do with these buses to see that it’s road worthy. So we’re finalizing those standards but also, we’re also looking at enhancing the transport system, requiring transport planners that will be studying at the terminals. When we need additional routes, when we don’t have the capacity for those routes, we minimize our routes because the reality is, and it’s not visible if you’re not in the transport system. There’s a lot of bus permits out there where you hear about dust, there’s rushing on the road because there’s just not enough in that permit and in that time, there’s not enough capacity for them to be making money. Those are the things that we’re addressing to optimize these permits as much as possible and these bus routes.”