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Belize Puts Stop to Brazil’s Corned Beef Imports

The Government of Belize has decided to temporarily suspend the issuance of import permits for Corned Beef from Brazil. This comes after Brazilian Federal Police detected irregular practices involving certification of meat and meat products by staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture in 21 meat processing facilities that handled beef. According to the Government’s release, officials from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Health met with all importers of Corned Beef to discuss the matter. In that meeting it was verified that Belize does import Corn Beef from Brazil however it is important to note that none of the imported corn beef came from any of the 21 facilities under scrutiny. Other than implementing a temporary licensing ban, BAHA and the Ministry have also decided that all Corned Beef en-route to Belize will be retained to verify that they come from approved facilities for export and in addition undergo laboratory analysis by BAHA to determine the product’s wholesomeness for human consumption.  It has also been decided that all corned beef that is already in the country will be quarantined and undergo the same type of laboratory analysis by BAHA. As for the corn beef already on the shelves, BAHA and the Ministry will embark in a sample and test exercise to ensure its wholesomeness. Through a release Grace Kennedy Belize states that it will quote, “continue to work in coordination with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Health on their measures to quarantine and test stock currently in country.” End of quote.