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Belize Ranks 4th in Caribbean on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is taking over the market in various parts of the world and it is an avenue that many countries are pursuing when it comes to promoting their places as a tourist destination.  Of thirty five Caribbean countries, Belize was recently ranked number four on the Digital Marketing Index for 2015.  The marketing index rank was judged by a proprietary weighting of various data, including social media followings, website inbound links, 3rd party rankings and more.  Ranking came to a close after finalized researching and analyzing publicly available information including, but not limited to: Date Website Domain Created, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and a number of other categories.  Ranking at first place was Aruba and was subsequently dubbed as the most popular digital destination in the Caribbean,  that is according to the expert source on Caribbean lifestyle and luxury brands Caribbean and Company.  Aruba also ranked number one from ten Caribbean Islands for Instagram reach, with twenty three thousand followers.