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Belize ready for UNCAC

Representatives from Haiti and Tuvalu have yet to visit Belize for an inspection with regards to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). Since Belize’s ascension to the UNCAC, the Attorney General’s Ministry has been preparing for an onsite inspection by professionals. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told the media that he expects the visit no later than February.



“We know the Belizean public is antsy about UNCAC as they should be but its a process and we only control so much of that process. The last time I was told, a week or so ago,  the translation was not fully completed for Haiti to get their documentation in order and Tuvalu had still not provided much of its experts that it would be sent to Belize but we keep telling UNDP and the UNODC that we are fully ready. I have informed all Ministers of Government, all CEOs everybody that they must be ready and available for when these inspectors do come from Tuvalu and Haiti.”

According to Peyrefitte, they are waiting to hear back from the UNDP regarding the visit.