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Belize Recognized as Top Sugar Producer in the Caribbean for April

Belize has been recognized as the top sugar producer in the Caribbean region for the month of April 2015.  The announcement came from the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC).  According to the online article, Belize produced twenty eight thousand two hundred and eighty nine tonnes of sugar for the period mentioned, followed by Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados whose output was at a mere three thousand one hundred and seventy three tonnes.  For the month of April alone, the region produced eighty four thousand one hundred and fifty tonnes of sugar.  In previous months, namely, February and March, Jamaica was dubbed the highest sugar producing country in the region while Barbados had merely just begun its production.  For the region, up to April 2015, there have been just under four hundred thousand tonnes of sugar produced.  According to the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, the focus on overseas markets continues with Europe receiving just over two hundred and twenty thousand tonnes while the United States has received thirty thousand two hundred and fifty nine tonnes and CARICOM has gotten seventeen thousand four hundred and eighty four tonnes for the period January to April 2015.  In the online article, it is noted that the Chairman of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, Karl James has commented that while there are challenges affecting sugar production in Jamaica, Belize and Guyana are doing well in the production sector.  He added that there is improved supply to the CARICOM market which is one of the objectives of the S-A-C and a trend that they expect to continue.  Incidentally, the findings in a survey financed by the Belize Sugar Industries has recently led the Sugar Industry Research & Development Institute (SIRDI) to recommend a reduction of the sugar cane production estimates for the 2014/2015 crop from 1,458,099 tons to 1,296,598 tons.  With approval from the Sugar Cane Production Committee, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association was informed that the decision has become effective as of Monday May 18, 2015.