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Belize Holds National Expo In Recognition of World Standards Day

Belize joins the world in celebrating World Standards Day under the theme, “Standards, The World’s Common Language”. A national standards expo to commemorate this day is being held in Belize City where both private and public sector organizations are depicting the theme with the use of booth displays.  According to Rodolfo Gutierrez the Consumer Protection Liaison Officer for the Belize Bureau of Standards, the goal of World Standards Day is to showcase the importance and benefits of standards for all stakeholder involved.


“World Standards Day is an important day and Belize is no exception. Today what we are doing we are trying to do something a bit different to commemorate this day. Every year world standards day is celebrated around a specific theme, this year is “Standards – the World’s common language.” In other words you’re trying to let the general public and everyone know that standards are part of our lives and without standards we cannot operate. Today we have invited a few stakeholders that utilize standards within our economy, we have the BTB, Fabrigas, Marie Sharps we have quite a few people that came out. We’re trying to depict the role that standards play in making them successful businesses. If you look around and you see the BTB displaying some of their recent standards that they have established one of them is the scuba diving standards and the other one is the hotel standards.”


“How important is it for these institutions to enforce and employ high quality standards in their interaction with customers?”


“Well at the end of the day everything that we do is for the good and fairness of consumers; in other words consumer protection.  So, as consumers we deserve the best quality service that any business can have in the market so standards play a key role in not only in them creating that confidence for consumers but it also plays a major role in them being able to adhere to certain requirements in particular for instance we see Marie Sharps here they are a major exporters of Pepper Sauce and they have a lot of standards that they utilize internally for manufacturing purposes and they also meet other private standards that are required by the importers of their products in other countries.”

The expo finishes later today.