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Belize Red Cross assisting victims of Hurricane Dorian

The Belize Red Cross has launched the Hurricane Dorian Red Cross Appeal in Belize.  Cash donations are being requested to send to the Bahamas Red Cross in Nassau to assist in meeting the needs of those distressed.  Love News spoke with Lily Bowman of the Belize Red Cross.
Lily Bowman, Director General, Belize Red Cross: “As we would do as we have done in the past we have launched a monetary appeal today to contribute towards the efforts of the international federation in the Bahamas for the people that are being affected by Hurricane Dorian. We are trying to avoid the extra cost of having to ship items and the closer islands will be taking care of in-kind donations because the international federation has preposition relief stocks in the Caribbean in different countries so they will be the one to send that relief to the Bahamas. The international federation has a delegate in country since before Saturday and he or she is there to support the national society in the very preliminary response in the emergency phase. They also have a plan of action which includes assistance for shelter, assistance for health activities, cash transfers and they’re looking at sanitation and hygiene as well as that is very important as secondary hazards do develop after a hurricane. The international federation has launched an appeal as well for $32.5 million Swiss Francs so we are hoping that we can give a little contribution towards that to help the Bahamas Red Cross in their response for the people of the Bahamas that are being affected, that should cover like 20,000 people or 5,000 families in the very preliminary phase. It’s to feed them, to provide shelters number one because we don’t know to what extent the damage is but we know that it will be catastrophic and we don’t know how long they will be in shelters, they will need medical supplies, fresh water.”
Accounts have been set up at all commercial banks throughout the country.  The Belize Red Cross Society appeals to Belizeans to join in in this great humanitarian effort to relieve human suffering by giving generously.  As more assessments are carried out, further appeals may be launched in the coming days.