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Belize Red Cross celebrates anniversary

Yesterday the Belize Red Cross observed its 32nd Anniversary as a legal National Society. A release from the organization says that in 1984 the Belize Red Cross was officially recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and admitted to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Communications Officer for the Belize Red Cross, Rodel Beltran Perrera, says that since transitioning in 1983, from a branch of the British Red Cross to a National Society in its own rights, the Belize Red Cross has grown considerably and he hopes to see it achieve full sustainability in the near future.

Rodel Beltran Perrera – Communications Officer

“I want to see it, this is my wish and I’m sure that my colleagues at the Red Cross would want the same that we do see ourselves much more placed in a position of sustainability with some new headquarters out of danger because we cannot serve people who are in danger. For example our building has gone through aging as well as fire, we would want to see ourselves much more sustaining ourselves, doing what we do best for those persons who need us in the time of need and probably in an area that we can feel safe maybe inland somewhere with a brand new headquarters I think that would be great for us to be doing, working out of somewhere in some part of the country an somewhere that is very safe away from disasters and flooding’s serving people much more than we can at this time.”

This Saturday the Belize Red Cross is closing its centennial celebrations, 100 years in the Red Cross Movement, with a grand Dinner and Dance Gala at the Biltmore Hotel. Tickets can be bought at the Belize Red Cross offices in Belize City and the cost is one hundred and twenty five dollars each.