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Belize Red Cross targeted by thieves

Thieves burglarized the office of the Belmopan branch of the Belize Red Cross. Correspondent Fem Cruz stopped by and got the details.

Fem Cruz, Love FM: “There was a burglary reported at the Red Cross building in the Salvapan Area of Belmopan sometime between last night and this morning. According to the office administrator Maria Pena the thief or thieves gained entry by cutting the burglar bars and removing the glass louvers from the back window of the building.

Maria Pena, Office Administrator, Red Cross Belmopan: “This morning at about 9 am one of the workers called home for me to come because they had noticed that side door was open and that people from BCVI were already here because they broke into their place. They also broke into the Red Cross place and this is so touching because they went with all the groceries that we had for the week, I had just bought it. They went with all our vegetables, they went with the blender, the knives and forks, the spoons, they went with all our groceries and seasoning and they went even with the meat that we were going to cook this morning. They left us without fans, they went with our DVD player, they went with so many things but it really hurts because today our feeding program was going to start and they even went with everything that we were going to cook for today for the children. Please, I am begging if you know of anyone that is selling out there a new washing machine please report it to the police or call our phone number here at the Red Cross, 802-2914. I am also begging out there to people out in the community if you have some groceries for us, some vegetables for us that we can bring back our children for this week. I know that there are children that come here to eat and we don’t have anything to give them today. It hurts my heart to see people will do this when they know that this is a place where we help people, we don’t gain anything. The money that we get from the children that is what we turn over to buy food for them and it’s hard to know that these people don’t have a heart.”